Whether or not a work of art is considered touching depends on individuals and is very personal. Art should be accessible to all residents and set a comfortable mood in the room. Above all, it must be in harmony with its surroundings, it can but does not have to act as the eye-catcher. When the interior decoration is all tastefully chosen, it makes sense to me that a work of art does not attract all the attention. With result that the visitor can "discover" why a room feels so cozy or inspiring. A wall is always considered the end of the room, a limitation and I feel that it has a certain dominance. That is why my paintings are quite large. My intention is that it can make a room look more spacious and open. After the interior design is finished, I am often asked to help to put an extra soul into the room with carefully chosen art. A work of art does not have to take up that much space to ensure an enormous presence.


Kathart Gallery consists of 2 galleries. The larger gallery is located in the Zoutelaan in Knokke. But to be able to paint the atmosphere of the sea, I have to experience it and be close to the source of inspiration. That is why I also opened the small gallery on the Zeedijk Knokke-Zoute. Through these galleries I share my passion for art with the general public. I make a selection of works of art of Belgian artists that I believe in and I offer them a platform where their art can be seen and appreciated. Some of the originally chosen artists who have remained ​​are Beliaert, Isabelle de Bellefroid d'Oudoumont, Jenten and Béatrice Cols. The original founding of the galleries was formed by making my own paintings available for purchase.

I hope to welcome you!


Katharina Roels

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